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For General Contact:


Do you need information or to ask questions about obtaining treatment, scheduling treatment, about treatments, costs, financial aid, billing and payments?

Contact Melonie in Admissions for treatment questions;

Our admissions department: cytoluminatoradmissions@gmail.com

or Contact Beth in Billing for costs, fin, billing and payment questions:

our financial department: cytoluminatorbilling@gmail.com


We only take a limited amount of patients per month. We will evaluate your condition and determine if we feel you are a good candidate for treatment. Email: cytoluminatoradmissions@gmail.com with your details and Melonie will have your information evaluated by the doctor and scientist. She will be prompt and you will get a quick answer. If you would like a Skype consultation please ask her and she will arrange a consultation at everyone's convenience as quickly as possible. Remember we are in the Philippines so time zones make meetings complicated however our scientist makes every effort to accommodate qualifying patients. He understands the emotions that goes along with cancer.