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The Philippine Protocol is a unique treatment and it is not found or known elsewhere because it is completely created and researched by us.  We are not a 'clinic' in the sense most think; you are seen in a private setting, the mini-clinic is absolutely private; your stay is in a 'Patient' house that is nearby within the private gated community located outside the city. If you are looking for out of the ordinary, completely scientific but non-invasive approach to curing yourself of cancer, or autoimmune disease, we believe this is the place.

The treatment was developed after millions of dollars in researching what commonalities cancer cells have and how to target that general characteristic. In doing so, all cancer can be killed no matter the type, not matter the site. This is completely non-invasive and completely non-toxic.

We use a 4th generation PDT [photo dynamic therapy] unlike any other place in the world that uses inferior PDT that for any cancer other than skin cancer is worthless. The 4th generation PDT is able to find cancer deep within the body that cannot be done successfully with other types of PDT, simply because the wave length of light must be compatible and work synergistically with the correct sensitizer. This is something that many have researched but do to the high cost of producing such a sensitizer and light system no one else has dared; yet to truly accomplish the healing process you MUST do so or you are giving only false hope.

The process of using 4th generation PDT can be applied to those suffering from chronic autoimmune diseases. Those with diabetes, lupus, MS to name a few have been successfully treated. 

Research is something that is continually occurring and as new discoveries are made or challenges arise there is extensive research done in order to make complete healing a reality.  We know not everyone will be saved, due to circumstances that cannot be changed, some can have their cancer killed but will have life-threatening issues from side effects of prior treatments. We can kill cancer, and we can eliminate pathogens but we cannot undo chemo or radiation damage that is life-threatening.  Still our rate of remission is about 75 percent; we hope to increase it as we learn more about how to deal with massive infections and chemo/radiation damage that can be treated. 

We will always be a decade ahead of others because we know doing the same thing that does not work over and over does not make for good treatment; we know you have to think out of the box and research with an open mind inquisitive mind.